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  • 65 Avenue André Morizet, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France
  • +33685454729
  • unimersiv.com

A new way to learn:

Their goal is to make learning something new a lot easier for students of all ages. We believe that Virtual Reality can strongly improve the capacity of the human mind to remember the things it learned for a long time. According the Cone of Learning created by Edgard Dale, the american educatonist, after two weeks, the human brain tends to remember 10% of what it reads, 20% of what it hear but 90% of what it does or simulate. Learning through Virtual Reality is situated in those impressive 90%. Imagine a world where students remember almost everything of what they learn…

Who can use Unimersiv?

Everyone with Virtual Reality headset such as the Oculus Rift, the Samsung Gear VR or the Google Cardboard. We are working hard to make the experiences we create available for all of those headset. If the course you want to follow is not available yet for your headset, don’t worry, it will be in the coming weeks.

Who is creating those Virtual Reality experiences?

Their team of 3D experts is constantly working on new courses but we also encourage VR developers to add their educational content on Unimersiv. If you are working on an educational VR experience, send them an email and they will be happy to feature it on Unimersiv if it follows our guidelines.

Their mission statement:

Unimersiv’s objective is to help students of all ages learn anything faster through virtual reality.

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