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Developers of the Trinity Magnum, a motion controller for virtual reality.  TrinityVR is the developer of the Magnum, a precision motion controller with an SDK designed specifically for VR applications.

TrinityVR is augmenting human experience in VR with an approach to natural user interaction (NUI) using computer vision and inertial hardware systems that are  platform agnostic, extendable and intuitive.

The Magnum incorporates rumble feedback and ergonomics (via Cinder Solutions).and   9-axis IMU.  The Magnum operates at 95Hz with under 2° filtered orientation tracking that’s free of drift.

The Magnum can be gripped with either one hand  or two hands depending on the application. With two hands, one can use the Magnum to shoot enemies in a FPS, hold a hose as a fire fighter, pilot a spaceship or do precise decorations on a cake. Or, players can hold the Magnum with one hand, and use it to control a medieval sword, a tennis racket or a magic wand.

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