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Tactical Haptics

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Tactical Haptics was founded by Professor William Provancher in 2013. The objective of this company is to commercialize haptic feedback technologies, including several technologies developed in his University of Utah Lab, the Haptics and Embedded Mechatronics Laboratory. The company’s initial focus is on commercializing the use of Reactive Grip™ Tactile Shear Feedback in the fields of virtual reality, gaming, and medicine.

Reactive Grip™ touch feedback has been built into devices with two different forms: a handle-based device that is similar to current motion controllers  and a precision/pinch grip device for interactions with greater precision.

This technology is compatible with motion-based controller interfaces, such as the Nintendo Wii, Sony Move, or Microsoft Kinect, as well as  a head mounted displays.The current game controller prototype uses a Razer Hydra as its motion tracking system, however the tactile feedback technology is not tracker dependent.

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