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A blog by David Marlett acting as a “curation of literature, work, and media on the various artistic and technological subjects associated with Cinemersia, or Immersive Cinema.”

David Marlett is researching and developing what he calls “cinemersia,” the cinematic, storytelling and artistic techniques necessary to develop, produce and distribute feature length, live-action, narrative films to be experienced within head-mounted displays such as the Oculus Rift. His work is in concert with other¬†innovators currently developing advanced HMDs, 3D/360 cameras, and workflow/distribution technologies. Currently Marlett is in preproduction on a number of short films, with plans to produce his screenplay/stage-play, BLUE HIGHWAY, as one of the first such ‘cinemersive’ films. Due to it’s theatrical qualities, limited sets and action, close-in dialogue, and intimate plot line, BLUE HIGHWAY has been in development as both a play and a feature film to be produced by ¬†film producer, Richard Middleton.

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