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Bubl Technology was founded in 2011 by Sean Ramsay, immersive technology enthusiast and digital strategist. Their goal was to change that by providing a portable unit (slightly larger than a baseball) at a accessible retail price.

Bubl has taken the last 2 years to develop the bublcam to be a market ready spherical camera that captures 100% of the spherical range through panoramic photos and videos, along with the bubl software. It allows users to look, up, down and in every direction and fully interact with the content they and others have created.

The Bubl cam is intended to be used to  capture inspirational sports moments, showcase tension from inside a political movement, cover treacherous weather events, secure personal or retail property, video conference a meeting,  or just tell a story.

The camera has a patent-pending tetrahedral design allows the 4, 190º lens to overlap, capturing everything within a digital bubl. The casing, 4 solid aluminum die-cast structural rings provide a high level of ruggedized support. The tri-axial accelerometer will be able to assist in stabilizing images .

Bubl cam is currently priced at $579 and will be available in September/October 2014

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